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Welcome to Longears Love, the t-shirt and gift shop for mule lovers, donkey lovers, and lovers and owners of the longears ‘kissing cousins’, zebras, asses and horses. Shop with us for your own mule t-shirts and gifts, donkey gifts and t-shirts, or for a gift for that special friend who just can’t get enough of these incredible creatures affectionately called longears. You’ll find home decor, books, jewelry, and more for longears lovers. And, if shorter ears are more your style, look around, you’ll find some of those, too.

Here are our latest additions (below).

donkey tshirts

donkey tshirts tagged with: customizable, customisable, animal, donkey, karyart, sepia, donkeys, mules Customizable donkey products by karyart »visit the karyart store for more designs and products like this

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Sweet Donkey Wrapping Paper

Sweet Donkey Wrapping Paper

Really cute gray wild donkey with his ears alert graces this unique gift wrapping paper.

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Draft Horse Bag Courier Bags

Percheron and Belgian draft horse bag

Running Free Draft Horse Bag.

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Mules are Better Mug

Mules Are Better Mugs

Anything horses do mules can do better so get over it!

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